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Class Spotlight: Perfect Pendants!

Stand out from the crowd with a truly unique custom pendant of your very own design!

Saturday + Sunday | July  16 + 17 | 11am-5:00pm | $240 | Register Now!

In this weekend workshop we’ll be exploring different styles and techniques to create your Perfect Pendant.  Learn to construct bezel settings for cabochon, faceted gemstones, and fancy shaped stones.  Working with sterling silver, we use hammer and stamps, as well as high polish, and oxidized finishes to accentuate textures and highlight designs. Students may bring their own stones or purchase from the tutor’s collection. Materials are provided.

Check out some of our students amazing work!!!



From the Studio – Etching!

Next weekend we’re hosting a super fun Weekend Workshop on Etching!

Saturday + Sunday | Jun 25+26 |11am-5pm | $240 | Register Now!

In this two day weekend workshop students will discover how to create raised patterns in metal without using any special equipment!  You’ll learn how to transfer images onto metal to etch a variety designs using a low toxic and safe method.  Etching is the process of using chemicals to cut a design or pattern into a metal surface. Etching your own designs into metal is a fun and rewarding way to customize your jewelry!

Class covers a variety of resist processes including ink transfer techniques and free hand solutions. We will also be covering basic metalsmithing techniques like drilling, filing, refining, and a variety of polishing and sealing methods, so this class is open to beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students.

Extra materials will be provided.

We spent a little time in the studio perfecting the technique this week, here’s some fun action shots:

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Here’s the pieces after they’ve come out:

And here’s a couple styles of the final products!

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From the Studio – Salt Casting!

This weekend we’re hosting a super fun one day workshop on Salt Casting!

Saturday | Jun 11 |11am-5pm | $179 | Register Now!

Salt Casting is the art of melting metal to its molten form and then pouring it over salt. This creates spontaneous forms and unusual shapes. In this workshop we learn how to recycle metal, create many different alloys, pour metal into different forms, and fabricate jewelry out of the salt cast pieces.  Your old jewelry and scraps (gold, silver, copper) can be cast into new and wondrous forms. The salt cast pieces can be made into earrings, pendants, and pins during the workshop. Extra materials will be provided.

We spent a little time in the studio perfecting the technique this week, here’s some fun action shots:

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Here’s the pieces after they’ve come out:

Studio trials pieces 1b

And here’s the final products!

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Class Spotlight; Soldering Intensive ~ Chain Making

This Weekend hone those soldering skills in our awesome Chain Making class!


Saturday + Sunday | Jan 23+24 | 11am-5:00pm | $240 | Register Now!

Handmade chains are works of art – each link is individually created, so like snowflakes, they are similar, never identical. Choose between different gauges and shapes of wire such as round, squared, flat and triangle. Learn how to shape and form the links, to solder and join them, and how to shine, oxidize or add texture to create dimension. We finish with a handmade clasp.

Learn to coil wire to make circles and loops, how to use pin connections for bar pieces, or create a more intricate link to be cast and a matching toggle. The use of hammer texture and assorted finishes such as matte, oxidized, or high polish will also be covered. You can then complete your chain with a handmade clasp.

Student Spotlight: Monica Ruzansky

LV: When did you first start making jewelry?

MR: I started my practice in Mexico City with the jeweler Adriana Lieberman back in 2006, then I paused for a few years and went and back again in 2010 with Caroline Glemann at Liloveve, Borislav Goynatsky as well as with Billy at Sterling Quest in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


LV: What classes have you taken at Liloveve?

MR: Rose Cut Diamond Ring, Gold Alloying, Stackable Rings and Flush Setting, all really wonderful classes.

LV: Where do you draw your inspiration when designing your work?

MR: It really varies, it can start by looking at a stone – it’s color, or shape. Looking at patterns in nature is a very rich source of inspiration for me, and as well as I really take pleasure in looking at reflections or glimpses of light and I try to translate that into my work.

Other great unexpected inspirational moments happen in the studio during the design and production processes, where mistakes become a starting point for a new idea or even become an actual piece themselves.

LV: Do you sell you work? If so, where?

A few places in Brooklyn are: THE CLAY POT , CATBIRD, & THISTLE & CLOVER

LV: Have you been featured in any press?

MR: NY Magazine ‘The Cut’, Brooklyn Magazine, Travesias Magazine, Folio DigitalPicture 29

LV: What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made?

MR: After my husband proposed to me I proposed to him with a not very wearable ring that I named “Ring de Rêve”. It’s a hollow ring that has a little drawer with a gold umbrella as a knob for opening it on one side, on the other side has a peep hole where if you get the right light you can see an engraved eye with eyelashes in side and lastly at the top there is a piece of rock from Iceland, the place where he actually proposed to me.

In terms of my own line, the Tulum Sunshine earrings and the diamond drop necklace are two of my favorites.

4   3

Drop_earr_   drop_dia_

LV: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

MR: Cambodia.

LV: If you could collaborate with another designer/artist, who would it be and why?

MR: Julio le Parc. His his light pieces are something really special to me. Magic is something that happens by chance, involving timing and luck, but I think Julio le Parc’s art encapsulates experiential magic.

Julio Le Parc

LV: What’s the most fun aspect of being a jewelry designer?

MR: The satisfaction of seeing designs begin in your mind or on paper and then take physical form in your hands, as you bring them to life.

tulum_sunshine_e      IMG_1199

See more of Monica’s work at:

AILI Jewelry





Catching up with our students-Sandy Rubin

I just caught up with one of our students, Sandy Rubin to talk with her about her jewelry, inspiration and time travel! Sandy is a regular face to see around Liloveve – always working on a beautiful custom piece, perfecting a new technique she learned in class, or just talking about life in the studio.

Liloveve: When did you first start making jewelry?

Sandy Rubin: I first started making jewelry in college. A good friend of mine made these amazing beaded bracelets & showed me how to make them during a “crafternoon.”

LV: What classes have you taken at Liloveve?

SR: I’ve taken Wax 1 & Wax 2, Intro to Silver, Business Workshop, Rose cut Workshop, and the Prong Setting Workshop. I’m a regular during the weekend bench hours!

LV: Where do you draw your inspiration when designing your work?

SR: For a really long time, I made elaborate wire wrapped pieces. They were very intricate and interesting but I eventually caught myself in a creative rut. After a little soul searching, I realized that a better approach would be to make pieces I would want to wear or buy for others. Whenever I feel the creative juices clot, I look at the piece as if I’m a customer instead of the designer.

LV: Do you exhibit your work anywhere?

SR: You can find my most recent work on Etsy. I’ll also have a new line ready to launch on BigCartel in June. This line will have a wider range of semi precious and precious metals that carry a more visual weight. It will also have more of a focus on men’s jewelry & a variety of stones all with different shapes, cuts, & sizes. I also do a lot of customer pieces for the bridal market.


LV: Have you been featured in any press?

SR: I’ve been featured in a couple blogs and will be featured in: http://light-andsweet.blogspot.com/  within the next few weeks!

LV: What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made?

SR: My all-time favorite piece I’ve ever made is my diamond ring from the rose cut workshop. It was my first time upcycling metal. I melted down an old bracelet of my mother’s & shopped out my very first diamond – an experience in itself!  It has the subtle but unique character I strive to embody in all my pieces and is super easy to wear – I never take it off.


LV: If you could travel any place or time, where would you go?

SR: There are so many places I’d love to travel to. Since we’re on the topic of jewelry, one place sticking out in my mind is in my past as it was my first encounter with “jewels”. I’m a young girl in my grandmother’s walk-in closet. I sit at her vanity putting on imaginary make-up while she searches shoebox after shoebox for her “jewels” – a compilation of jewelry she accumulated from her travels. Suddenly, she stirs. She’s found the right box! Seating the treasures in front of me, I sift through each piece. She has a story for each item & I listen intently. Once I side which piece I’ll add to my collection, she quietly closes the box and puts it back on a shelf. It camouflages in a sea of shoeboxes only to be uncovered on our next rendezvous.


LV: If you could collaborate with another designer/artist, who would it be and why?

SR: If I could collaborate with another designer, it would without a doubt be Michael Good. His anticlastic technique plays with opposing curvatures in the metal of his work. His pieces are as mind-boggling in  design as they are beautiful. He is truly a talented artisan.

LV: What’s the most fun aspect of being a jewelry designer?

SR: What I enjoy most about designing jewelry is being able to picture something that only exists in my mind and making it tangible to share with others. It’s like reading your diary with a megaphone.

Check out more of Sandy’s work online!


Etsy Page

Twitter: @Sandy_Rubin

Pinterest: SandyRubin

Instagram: @Rubinsandywich

Architecture of a Ring

One of metal’s unique qualities is its ability to be shaped and formed without breaking – its malleability. The hollow ring project demonstrates the fabrication of a shell structure which can only be fabricated using traditional metalsmithing techniques.  Join us for our next session of Intro to Silversmithing to learn this technique!


student shot

hollow ring file

hollow form ring side 1

hollow ring

silver class shanta fripp