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Photography for Jewelers – Learning the Basics

Lights, camera, action … right?!

If only it were that easy. Photographing jewelry takes an appreciation for light, color, and focus and can be difficult to master let alone learn on one’s own.

Choosing the right background to make your piece pop, natural vs. studio light, props and garnishes – all of these things matter when trying to make your piece stand out.

We’re running a great four hour intensive on Sunday, September 11th with Photographer Nick Papadakis, a NYC based artist with extensive product photography experience.

Using your own jewelry and your own phone, you’ll learn how to utilize common objects and light sources to showcase your pieces in the best possible way without the use of a fancy (and expensive) professional camera.

Here are some beautiful shots from last year’s session… and yes these were taken by a smartphone! We only have 2 spots left – can’t wait for you to join us!

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Class Spotlight: Perfect Pendants!

Stand out from the crowd with a truly unique custom pendant of your very own design!

Saturday + Sunday | July  16 + 17 | 11am-5:00pm | $240 | Register Now!

In this weekend workshop we’ll be exploring different styles and techniques to create your Perfect Pendant.  Learn to construct bezel settings for cabochon, faceted gemstones, and fancy shaped stones.  Working with sterling silver, we use hammer and stamps, as well as high polish, and oxidized finishes to accentuate textures and highlight designs. Students may bring their own stones or purchase from the tutor’s collection. Materials are provided.

Check out some of our students amazing work!!!



#Benchtip Tuesday! Resizing Rings with our New Ring Stretcher

When you’re in the business of producing handmade jewelry, time is just as valuable as money. Because of this we get really really excited about new tools that will reduce the amount of time it takes to do something. Like REALLY excited.
We recently picked up a ring stretcher/reducer and it has definitely lived up to the hype. It’s not the most inexpensive tool, however if you factor in the time you save, it’ll start paying for itself pretty quickly.
 ring resizer
Working with the Ring Resizer is pretty intuitive, however here are some tips to help you get up to speed.
-This tool only works with plain bands, such as wedding bands with no gemstones
-Always anneal your piece before stretching/reducing! You’ll want to fire coat your piece to protect the finish: brush on flux and heat the piece with a low soft flame until it starts to anneal or glow slightly red. Quench and pickle to remove the boric acid coating
-Don’t stretch or reduce too quickly – you may crack the metal
-always anneal between sessions
For reducing:
-place the ring in the circle that’s just slightly too small – the ring should sit slightly above. Push on the arm to squish it down, turn over the ring and repeat the process
ring resizer2
For enlarging
-Layering a piece of paper on the inside of the band prior to putting it on the enlarging mandrel helps to reduce the stretching marks on the inside of the ring. Saves you time during clean up.

Student Spotlight: Lotanna Amina Egwuatu of Mina Stones

LJS: What’s your background? How did you get into jewelry making, and when?

LAE:  I am Nigerian. Born and raised in the Northern parts of Nigeria. I have a Bachelors in Engineering from Nigeria and Master in Business and Innovation from Lancaster, UK and a Diploma in Gemstones from GIA. It has always been about the gemstones for me. They inspire me to create. I started collecting stones at a very young age and only started creating pieces with them in university/ college.

LJS: Describe your process, from inspiration to final product. Do you draw a design first or do you just start creating? Is it different everytime?

LAE:  Inspiration for me comes mainly from gemstones. I am also inspired by where I come from and nature

LJS: Do you ever hit creative road blocks? How do you remedy that?

LAE:  Yes I do. I just take short trips if I can or visit my favorite nature tumblr blogs.

LJS: What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made?

LAE:  It has to be the clustered pendant neck-pieces,

LJS: What class(es) have you taken at Liloveve?

LAE:  The Gold Workshop

LJS: If you could collaborate with another designer/artist, who would it be and why?

LAE:  I don’t know too many designers but I recently saw Hampley Design online. I would work with them because they have unique style and a similar inspiration to mine.

LJS: Where do you exhibit / sell your work?

LAE: I have exhibited in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and Washington DC. I plan to do more shows locally and internationally. They will be listed on my blog – myminastones.blogspot.com. I currently sell online at http://www.myminastones.com

LJS: Have you been featured in any press?

http://www.dailytrust.com.ng/news/general/gemstone-expo-slated-for-abuja/113440.html http://nannewsnigeria.com/jewellery-dealer-calls-establishment-gemstone-laboratory

Website:  http://www.myminastones.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myminastones 


https://www.instagram.com/mina_stones/ myminastones.blogspot.com

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Class Spotlight: Bezel Setting!

Join us this weekend for a great foundation class in stone setting!

blog bezelblog bezel2

This Saturday and Sunday, Dec 12 + 13,  11am-5:30pm Register Now!

The bezel setting is the earliest method for setting gemstones into jewelry – and hasn’t changed much over the last few thousands years. To create a bezel, you take a piece of metal and fabricate it to the size and shape of the outside of the stone. You then place the stone inside the bezel and push the metal over the top the stone.

Bezels are a simple, clean and secure approach to setting gemstones. They keep your gem safe and clean from dirt and don’t catch clothing.


Holiday Pop Up! Dec 6

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and braved the nasty weather on Friday night to our Holiday Pop Up Shop. It was such a fun night! Here are a few images to recap the night….

The living wall sculptures made of drift wood, suculents and exotic plants were breathtaking.

The living wall sculptures made of drift wood, suculents and exotic plants were breathtaking.emily ashley katherine

KelacalaQ by Lara Kurtzman

KelacalaQ by Lara Kurtzman

KelacalaQ by Lara Kurtzman

KelacalaQ by Lara Kurtzman

Emilie Shapiro

Emilie Shapiro

Emilie Shapiro

Emilie Shapiro

Carolyn A'Hearn Fine Handmade Jewelry

Carolyn A’Hearn Fine Handmade Jewelry

Deborah Stein
Deborah Stein

Deborah Stein

Deborah Stein

Anne Arden McDonald

Anne Arden McDonald

Anne Arden McDonald

Anne Arden McDonald

Angie Colombo Designs

Angie Colombo Designs

AILI Jewelry

AILI Jewelry

Caroline Glemann - Liloveve

Caroline Glemann – Liloveve

Warm: A Holiday Pop-up Shop


Warm: A Jewelry Pop Up Shop at Liloveve Gallery - December 6th - One Night Only!

Warm: A Jewelry Pop Up Shop at Liloveve Gallery – December 6th – One Night Only!

Come Shop the Gallery as we open our doors to celebrate the season in style! Featuring Jewelry and Gifts from:

AILI Jewelry
Angie Colombo Designs
Anne Arden McDonald
Carolyn A’Hearn Handmade Fine Jewelry
Caroline Glemann – Liloveve
Deborah Stein
Emilie Shapiro
Jewels by Maya
KELACALA Q by Lara Kurtzman

Mingle with the designers as you enjoy complementary glass of wine, sip an artisinal seasonal cocktail and sample some yummy hors d’oeuvres!

Get your shopping done early and find the perfect something for the ones you love, treat yourself to the perfect keepsake, and enjoy the festivities of the season!

Friday December 6th 5-9pm

457 Grand Street, Suite 1
(between Union and Keap)
Brooklyn, New York

Alternative Metalsmithing: Steel


photo source: The Why Files

Best known for its use in things like surgical tools, building supports, electrical appliances, and hot water heaters, steel is often used to create objects where strength and safety are of utmost importance. However, despite its industrial reputation, it can also be used to create delicate and intricate jewelry.


There are several types of steel used in jewelry-making, the two most popular being stainless steel and mild steel. Stainless steel is an alloy of steel that contains at least 10% chromium, which combines with oxygen to create a thin, invisible layer of chrome-containing oxide. This protective layer is what makes it “stainless”, however despite its title, stainless steel is not actually “stainless” but just extremely resistant to corrosion. Mild steel, or “carbon steel” is an alloy of steel that has no more than 2% carbon and no other appreciable alloying element, it differs from stainless steel because it is not resistant to corrosion and is more easily weldable.

Steel can be a great alternative to non- ferrous metals in jewelry making, as it is relatively inexpensive and lightweight. It is extremely strong and resilient and though it takes a little more strength than other base metals to bend and form, steel will retain its shape and durability much longer. Stainless steel can be an excellent alternative to metals that can cause sensitivities and allergies such as copper and brass as it is considered hypoallergenic. Carbon steel exhibits ferromagnetism (meaning its magnetic), which can make for some interesting jewelry design solutions. Because of its low price tag and lightweight and durable qualities, steel is also a great medium for larger scale pieces.


steel, plastic, and silver jewelry by artist Brice Garrett.

According to the Worth Global Style Network, this modest metal is gaining in popularity, through industrial and urban-inspired trends and is appearing more and more in both fashion and jewelry. Looking to jump on the steel jewelry bandwagon? We have an upcoming Steel Fabrication class that explores the many possibilities that this metal has to offer. Check it out and join us for a fun, informative six week course!CIMG9703

Brooch by instructor Brice Garrett

Filigree Workshop

We had a great time this weekend at our Filigree workshop. It was so much fun and the students created some really amazing work.







Michelle Chong’s elegant earrings.Erica_FfolliettErica Ffolliett created this gorgeous ring. Love the center set stone!Deirdre-Bialo-PadinWe love these stunning earrings by Dierdre Padin. Amazing and intricate detail work!

Check out some of our upcoming Weekend Workshops, including Flush Setting, Wire Crochet, and Tube Setting, and get the chance to make a unique and original piece of your own!