Why Buy Handmade?

Each piece of Liloveve jewelry is handmade in our studio with exacting attention to detail to create a truly unique heirloom quality piece you will treasure for a lifetime.

Liloveve jewelry emphasizes a uniqueness and quality of materials, knowledge and implementation of techniques, and technical jewelry making skills.

Owning a handmade piece of art is special because it is a unique individual expression for the maker and receiver of the item. It is a personal way of showing love for family and friends. Buying an engagement ring signifies a personal commitment, and an experience that is intimate and special to individual couples. The kind of person-to-person commerce is for people who appreciate high quality, artisan craftsmanship, and unique design aesthetics. A piece of handmade jewelry, which you can customize to fit your financial needs, is something unique that represents and reflects personal values. These values do not necessarily focus on the dollar price of the piece, but more on the quality of the workmanship, the combination of art and craft, personal attention, and a personal experience with the designer. Jewelry is worn less to promote social status and more to express individuality.

For more information about our work, pricing, or to make a consultation for custom design work or to peruse the collection – please contact the studio at info@liloveve.com or call 718-388-2190.

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