Student Spotlight: Shayla Cox

Liloveve: When did you first start making jewelry?

Shayla Cox: I began making ceramic jewelry in 2009 I think? Time flies! I started with a focus on ceramics and housewares.. but began focusing on jewelry because of my love of fashion.  The glazes were all so beautiful.

LV: What class(es) have you taken at Liloveve?

SC: I took Intro to Silversmithing to learn more about metal work and bezels.

LV: Where do you draw your inspiration when designing your work?

SC: My inspiration is from love and my life experiences. The aesthetic/outcome is primitive and architectural.

LV: Where do you exhibit you work?

SC: I like putting together short films with my team to display each collection.  Its a great way to incorporate music (that is very important) and incorporate the feeling of the brand.  It is also a great way to share with the online community.

LV: Do you sell you work? If so, where?

SC: I was commissioned by Donna Karan’s Urban Zen store to design 6 pieces.  I also sell pieces on my site

LV: Have you been featured in any press?

SC: Yes! Here are a few: NY Post, Essence, TimeOut NY

LV: What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made?

SC: Always partial to the newer pieces I am working on, I’d have to say this piece I just made that incorporates a ceramic tube, brass and ostrich egg shell beads.

LV: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

SC: Morocco is high on the list! There, and Australia

LV: If you could collaborate with another designer/artist, who would it be and why?

SC: I would love to create jewelry/accessories for The Row, Suno, Rick Owens, Reed Krakoff, Mara Hoffman to name a few.  They all have a completely different aesthetics, but each speaks to a different element of my personal style.  I also think the ceramic component would look great the silhouettes, texture or prints of each brand.

LV: What’s the most fun aspect of being a jewelry designer?

SC: Creating new pieces is the best part.  Most of the time I have a very clear vision/sketch of a piece I am designing.  But the best moment is getting in the zone and unexpectedly bringing together components to make a piece that I didn’t plan on

See more of Shayla’s work at:

@shaylacoxnyc (twitter)

@misscoxnyc (instagram)

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