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Class Spotlight – Hinged Bracelets

We have an awesome six week class coming up on Thursday, November 5th for intermediate students: Silver II: Hinged Bracelets, with instructor Brice Garrett.

In this class you’ll learn how to fabricate a cuff, bangle or link bracelet in metal, with opportunities to learn new texturization techniques and brush up on your soldering skills. Excitingly, you’ll also learn how to create movement with your pieces using hinges, and you’ll learn how to create box clasps to ensure proper security and closure within your designs.

We’ve collected some antique jewelry inspiration below to get your design eye going:

Antique Victorian Bracelet featuring cool geometric inspiration.

Antique Victorian Bracelet featuring cool geometric inspiration.

Antique oxidize bangle with chain lock closure.

Antique oxidized bangle with chain lock closure.

Ancient Etruscan Bangle with pin hinge.

Ancient Etruscan Bangle with pin hinge.

Vintage cuff with stunning loop-work.

Vintage hinged cuff with stunning loop-work.

Not only will you learn valuable techniques for bracelet/cuff making, but you can apply your new hinge making skills towards other projects as well.

that opens! Work by instructor Brice Garrett

Make a keepsake box that opens using hinges. via Instructor Brice Garrett

Apply your hinge making skills to make a locket! via Instructor Brice Garrett

Apply your hinge making skills to make a locket. via Instructor Brice Garrett

So join us in the studio and sign up here!

Class Spotlight: Business For Designers + Jewelry Production Workshops


photo (17)

So you’ve taken a few jewelry making classes, have a fabulous idea for a jewelry collection and have began making samples, but wait! Have you thought about marketing? How about how to set up a business in New York? How to apply for a sales tax certificate, and when to collect it?

Running a Jewelry Business is more than designing and making jewelry.  In fact, there are many more aspects to business that most designers aren’t aware of when they try to launch a new jewelry line. But don’t fret – we’ve got two classes coming up covering these topics among other valuable practical knowledge for starting and running a successful jewelry business.

Business for Designers (October 18 | Sunday | $120 | 11am-5:30pm) is all about learning how to start a jewelry business. You’ll learn about different types of businesses from sole proprietorship to a corporation, different laws and taxes you’ll need to know, as well as building a web presence and marketing your work.

Jewelry Production (October 17 | $120 | Saturday | 11am-5:30pm) is all about developing a coherent line for production, production techniques, selling retail vs. wholesale, and much more. You’ll also have an opportunity to bring in a few samples, and to discuss individual questions in a one-on-one setting with the instructor.

Take them together, and you’ll set yourself up for a successful business launch!



Technique Spotlight: Granulation

Granulation is the exquisite and richly historic art of covering precious sheet metal in spherules or granules to create beautifully intricate textured metal jewelry. The technique is thought to have its origins in Sumer about 5,000 years ago. In the first millennium B.C. the technique was used by Etruscans living in present-day Italy. Greek craftsmen also employed the technique, but it was the work coming from Etruria which became famous, in part due to the mysteries surrounding the process.  It has baffled scholars as to how the relatively primitive Etruscan’s could create such intricate and delicate pieces without any real solder. Some concluded that they fused the very high karat metal sheet and the free standing granuals with some kind of organic glue, such as fish paste, and high heat. In any case, it was quite a feat, and a technique we replicate with modern practices to create this beautiful jewelry.

Ancient Etruscan Granulation EarringsEtruscan Granulation Pendant

This weekend Liloveve has the pleasure of hosting Jill Hurant as an instructor of our Granulation Workshop.  Jill is a phenomenal jewelry designer who uses the granulation technique in her line.  She employs incredible use of 22k gold paired with old world techniques like granulation, chain maile, & hand crocheting chains. Jill shows how this classical aesthetic can be applied to modern jewelry to create very unique and attractive pieces.

 Jill will be here this Saturday + Sunday sharing here granulation expertise at the Granulation Workshop Click on the link for more information and to sign up!

Take a look at her beautiful creations!

22k gold crochet bracelet with sapphires, granulated clasp with rose cut sapphires

Jill Hurant bracelet

Make Multiples!

Molds are used to create everything from dishware, toys, and objects of art. There are a wide variety of molds to reproduce wax, plastic, concrete, metal and more. Whether your work is big or small, or you want to recreate an organic object, learning to create your own molds to make multiples of objects can open a whole new world in your work.

Join us this coming weekend, June 7 + 8 for a workshop for mold making for casting and replicating your work. Students can bring small objects or jewelry to make both open and 3D molds from silicone and alginate. Experiment with modeling technique and creating multiples of one piece, and explore the outer edges of modeling technique while learning the possibilities mold making has to over. Create wax and plaster models from your molds in the workshop. Materials included. Read more here 

Here are some images from last sessions class!007 copy 013 023 copy 029 036 037 044 copy 051 055 copy 067 copy 069 copyRegister for the mold mking workshop here


Sparkling Stones from the Tube Setting Workshop

This past weekend we had a tube setting workshop in the studio. The students learned to measure gemstones and cut seats to create tiny bezels for round faceted gemstones out of thick wall tubing.

Take a look at a few pieces from the workshop….VickieAbbyNicholeGroup ShotWant to add a subtle sparkle to your own work? Check out our flush setting workshop coming up!


Wax Carved Pendants

We just finished our last session of Wax Carving I – it’s always incredible to see the progress and growth of everyone’s work in just 6 weeks. Here are a few pendants from our the second project. Take a look at the rings they created in the first project here. 

Jon Pendant Cortney Pendant


Join us for our next session on May 22 through June 26

25% Discount on Enamel Class

Enamel March 2014 25% off discount copy

Receive a 25% discount when you register today! Enter ENAMEL25 at checkout or call the studio at 718-388-2190 to register

Enameling, the art of fusing glass on metal to create colorful and imaginative designs, is one of the oldest methods used to create decorative metals. Delve in to this exciting technique  and learn how to bring rich color and texture to your metalwork with our 2-day or 6 week course!

6 week class: Enamel: Fusing Glass to Metal Mar 13 – Apr 24 | $450 | Thursdays | 6pm – 9pm Register Now!

Kiln fusing, sgraffito, plique a jour and cloisonne are just some of the techniques we explore as students create a large scale piece of their own design. Learn how to execute enameling work at home or in your own studios. Materials included + tool list. With instructor Max Goodman

Ringing in the New Year with our One Day Intensives

When learning to make jewelry, it’s so fun to be able to wear your own pieces as your learning this new craft. But what’s even more incredible is being able to give someone you love one of your new handmade treasures. Check out these beautiful pieces made in one of our recent one-day ring making intensives by some really awesome couples.

019024030 copy036022


Check out all of our 4-hour ring making classes coming up here