Make Multiples!

Molds are used to create everything from dishware, toys, and objects of art. There are a wide variety of molds to reproduce wax, plastic, concrete, metal and more. Whether your work is big or small, or you want to recreate an organic object, learning to create your own molds to make multiples of objects can open a whole new world in your work.

Join us this coming weekend, June 7 + 8 for a workshop for mold making for casting and replicating your work. Students can bring small objects or jewelry to make both open and 3D molds from silicone and alginate. Experiment with modeling technique and creating multiples of one piece, and explore the outer edges of modeling technique while learning the possibilities mold making has to over. Create wax and plaster models from your molds in the workshop. Materials included. Read more here 

Here are some images from last sessions class!007 copy 013 023 copy 029 036 037 044 copy 051 055 copy 067 copy 069 copyRegister for the mold mking workshop here


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