Technique Spotlight: Granulation

Granulation is the exquisite and richly historic art of covering precious sheet metal in spherules or granules to create beautifully intricate textured metal jewelry. The technique is thought to have its origins in Sumer about 5,000 years ago. In the first millennium B.C. the technique was used by Etruscans living in present-day Italy. Greek craftsmen also employed the technique, but it was the work coming from Etruria which became famous, in part due to the mysteries surrounding the process.  It has baffled scholars as to how the relatively primitive Etruscan’s could create such intricate and delicate pieces without any real solder. Some concluded that they fused the very high karat metal sheet and the free standing granuals with some kind of organic glue, such as fish paste, and high heat. In any case, it was quite a feat, and a technique we replicate with modern practices to create this beautiful jewelry.

Ancient Etruscan Granulation EarringsEtruscan Granulation Pendant

This weekend Liloveve has the pleasure of hosting Jill Hurant as an instructor of our Granulation Workshop.  Jill is a phenomenal jewelry designer who uses the granulation technique in her line.  She employs incredible use of 22k gold paired with old world techniques like granulation, chain maile, & hand crocheting chains. Jill shows how this classical aesthetic can be applied to modern jewelry to create very unique and attractive pieces.

 Jill will be here this Saturday + Sunday sharing here granulation expertise at the Granulation Workshop Click on the link for more information and to sign up!

Take a look at her beautiful creations!

22k gold crochet bracelet with sapphires, granulated clasp with rose cut sapphires

Jill Hurant bracelet

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