How does jewelry fit into your life?

Our 4th annual Student Exhibition opens tonight from 5pm – 9pm, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the incredible works from a few of our students with you. One of the things we asked was “How does jewelry fit into your life?” I was blown away by the truly beautiful and wide variety of answers we got. Take a look, and ask yourself, how does it fit into your life?

“Jewelry’s place in my life has evolved greatly since I took my first class at Liloveve. It started out as a much needed creative outlet, and for the past six months it has been the focus of my work life. My pursuit of learning more about design and production has led me to some of the most unexpected and fulfilling experiences of my life.” – Jane Durand

“I like creating designs with color and shapes, not necessarily symmetrical, but aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Which, to me, is an extension of what I do as a makeup artist.” – Rosanne Puchal

“I would say that jewelry pretty much consumes my life. If I am not at work I am taking classes or creating on my own.” – Jennifer Salta

“It is a wonderfully meticulous medium where most (if not all) of the creative output is manifested from my imagination.” -Mary Feng

“The biggest part of “heart” is “art”. The Muse speaks, I obey.” -Skip LaTronica

“form of communication and expression” -Ryan Swearingen

“It is a drive for me! It’s like my happy pill, takes me from one place to the next one, always exploring and learning non stop.” -Monica Ruzansky

“It is a large part of my artistic practice, as well as how I express myself on a daily basis.” -Cindy Horrigan

Join us for the opening of the Student Exhibition tonight from 5pm – 8pm at Liloveve Gallery. 457 Grand Street Ste 1, Brooklyn NY 11211. 

Fall classes begin next week, check them out!

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