Student Spotlight: Elena Carey of Folkloric Jewelry

When did you first start making jewelry?

Jewelry making has been a hobby of mine since I was a little girl. I have a library of beads I have been collecting since childhood.

Designer, Elena Carey

Designer, Elena Carey

What class(es) have you taken at Liloveve?

Over the spring I took the Intro to Wax Carving class and can’t wait to take more!

Stunning wax carved pendant by Elena

Stunning wax carved pendant by Elena

Where do you draw your inspiration when designing your work?

Much of my inspiration comes from ancient Roman, Ghanaian and Viking jewelry. Sort of a weird mix. I really like pieces that use natural materials and carry strong symbolic meanings.


Via Folkloric Jewelry

Where do you exhibit / sell your work?

I sell primarily at craft shows in NYC and the Hudson Valley.


Via Folkloric Jewelry

Have you been featured in any press?


What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made?


Via Folkloric Jewelry

I call this piece “Dame Somebody.” I designed it while I was pregnant, and it references the story of a midwife who once delivered the baby of a fairy queen and the shenanigans that ensued. I love the raw yet refined qualities of these beads; Ethiopian brass and the beautiful turquoise stones. The turquoise is hand knotted on silk. This is one of my favorite techniques as I find it to be very meditative to do. I really enjoy designing pieces that have a combination of metal, stone and organic materials like silk or leather.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

I’d love to spend time on the little islands that surround Ireland. I bet there are some beautiful pagan ruins and tales of faery folk only the locals know about.

If you could collaborate with another designer/artist, who would it be and why?

I love the dark, mysterious and whimsical work of Arthur Rackham. If only our timing were better! It would be exciting to create pieces of jewelry for all of the characters in his illustrations.

What’s the most fun aspect of being a jewelry designer?

Being able to make my creativity a commodity is an exciting challenge. I love going to markets and seeing my customers return to me, wearing pieces I’ve made. It is also so wonderful to receive letters from customers who wear my jewelry for special occasions, making me feel like my jewelry is now part of their own story.

Via Folkloric Jewelry

Stunning handmade clasps via Folkloric Jewelry

Where can we see your work?


Via Folkloric Jewelry

Via Folkloric Jewelry

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