Rings! Lots of Rings! Silver II: Stackable Rings, July 16- August 20

Adorn your fingers with many styles of metal and stone rings!

This is a class for all- entry level and more experienced bench jewelers. The course will begin with ring making from scratch.  This includes sawing, annealing and soldering sterling silver. So it kicks off with a great start for beginners, and a good refresher for those who have practiced these skills previously.  It will also teach many different bezel stone setting techniques- for cabochons, unusual shapes, faceted stones, fancy bezels with gallery wire or scallops etc.  Different decorative styles will also be shown such as hammered effect, wrapped wire, high polish and oxidized finishes. Students can make bold statement rings, or lots of delicate stackable rings- or both! It is a great class for learning lots of silvers smithing techniques, and coming away with some great pieces.

018 copyblack onyx roseely silver rings

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