Professional Jewelry Shots- With Your Phone!

Once you have created your beautiful pieces, a key element of selling and sharing it, are the photographs you capture them with.  It is undeniable that we live in a digital age, and most PR and sales are not down through direct display of your piece, but through an image of it.  So given this fact, we need to make sure the images we take of our work, are high quality, and representative of our brand.  Using a professional photographer is of course always a way to achieve this, however it can be very costly. Even charging just $15 a photo- which sounds like a small number- can really add up, i.e. 3 photos a piece, 10 pieces will bring you to a total of $450.  This class will teach you to take professional jewelry photos with any camera- iphones and other devices- so you won’t even have to invest in an expensive model.  $179 is a small cost in comparison to the potential expense of photography. We have artist and photographer, Nicholas Papadakis teaching techniques in composition and lighting, while working with small and reflective objects. He will teach you how to technically and creatively display your pieces, to showcase them digitally at their best, so you can go forward using your own new skills for in house for photography, without having the extra cost of outsourcing it. Below photo is take by the instructor with his phone!

iphone6_hands_resetGrass_layout_2012_R2_LR (1) Nick Papadakis

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