Student Spotlight: Amy Madden

When did you first start making jewelry?

As a teenager, I was obsessed with making jewelry. I went to art school with the intention of majoring in jewelry/metals, but ended up focusing on painting and printmaking instead. About 6 years ago, the jewelry bug bit me again.

What classes have you taken at Liloveve?

I’ve taken silversmithing, wax carving, tube setting, flush setting, rose cut diamond, business for designers and I’m currently taking a gold alloying class.


Where do you draw your inspiration when designing your work?

Although I’m drawn to textiles and other intricate patterns, I tend to keep my jewelry designs very simple. From time to time, I will add a decorative motif or two, although I have a stack of sketches of more baroque pieces I’d like to try out.

Where do you exhibit / sell your work?

I have a website  and I used to participate in a lot of local markets and craft fairs. However, most people find me through my Etsy shop these days.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made?

This ring was one of my first experiments in wax carving. I love the sculptural qualities of wax and feel that there are so many possibilities to explore in this medium, if only given the time!


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

India—it has a reputation for being a total sensory overload, with both positive and negative aspects. I love the art, the bright colors, and the fragrant spices. Of course, I’m also fantasizing about finding sparkling piles of rubies and sapphires.

If you could collaborate with another designer/artist, who would it be and why?

I think I’d learn a lot collaborating with Alexander Calder, and I imagine he would be very playful. While he’s well known for his whimsical mobiles, I once came across a book about his jewelry creations. It can be a real challenge to get jewelry to hang right, especially if you want to incorporate asymmetry.

What’s the most fun aspect of being a jewelry designer?

Working with my hands is a true pleasure. This is a good thing, as jewelry making often requires a lot more time fabricating than designing.

Where can we see your work?

My website and etsy page.


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