Tips for Marketing your Jewelry


We all love to make pretty things, but how to we get the world to see them? Here are our tips for getting your work out there:

“Social Media is free and is a great way show your brand to the world! Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr / Blog – all of these are free, fun and easy and you can do everything from your smartphone. Show your fans behind-the-scenes shots of how your work is created, where your inspiration comes from, and the finished product! Don’t forget to tell them where to purchase.”

“stay in touch with your clients by using free platforms such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact – these services allow you to send email updates to your various networks.”

-Emilie, Program Director 

“A super easy way to get your designs out into the world is to loan some jewelry to your friends. Make sure you give them business cards to pass out as well. It also helps to go to stores and see what other jewelry is out there, or whats trendy at the moment. For example, I was talking to a local clothing store owner and she said people are really into ear cuffs right now, so I’m experimenting with different types of ear jewelry.”

-Kate, Program Assistant

“Know your audience and how to appeal to them.”

-Jillian, Director of Communications

If you’re interested in more tips, I came across an article on Launch Grow Joy, a blog dedicated to entrepreneurs, that lists more than 50 tips from jewelry designers all over the country. Below are some tips that grabbed my attention, as well as a link to the full article.

“Every person you meet is a potential customer. Wear a piece of your jewelry every day, every where you go.  Be friendly, positive and smile to everyone you see. When people compliment you on your jewelry, say thank you, hand them your business card, and say, since you like these earrings or this ring, bracelet, necklace or whatever it may be, please visit my website to look at my other jewelry. The person will happily take your business card and you now have a new potential customer.”  – Diane Batoff from Micassileo Jewelry

“Participate fully in shows and events. By this I mean taking the time to set up a professional booth with a consistent look. And, put down your cell phone…people want to shop with an artist who is present in the moment.” – Sherry Trammel-Schauls from Balsamroot Ranch Jewelry

“Create a look, word or color that is distinctively yours. When people see your work and marketing material, your name should pop in their head.” – Lauren Sigman from Lauren Sigman Jewelry

“When you post on Facebook or Pinterest, it needs to be VISUAL and done CONSISTENTLY.  I take some time at the beginning of the week to gather some photos, quotes, product shots, and get them ready to go for use that week. I also find material to share from other sources that fit with my brand (blogs, products I like, photos that inspire, quotes).  Then each day I get up before my kids and schedule the Facebook posts.  I often do several days at a time, but it’s important to stay engaged and make sure you’re responding to posts.  Of course you can hire someone to do this for you, but I enjoy connecting to my customers in such a personal medium as Facebook.  This doesn’t mean you have to be online constantly.  Just schedule your posts in bulk and it’s really pretty easy.” – Sarah Jane Nelson from Life is Rosey: Jewelry that Speaks

Have any tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments section!

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