Designing the Perfect Wedding Band

LILOVEVE is a merging of the words live + love, channeling passion beyond design to a way of life. 

Owner and Designer Caroline Glemann shares how she came up with her perfect wedding band.

How long have you been designing rings?

I have been making handmade wedding and engagement bands for 12 years now, and jewelry for some time before that.

It has always been both inspiring and humbling that my work comes into people’s lives at such an important and uniquely special juncture – namely when they fall in love, and propose, and get married. Such a special time!

What is the most memorable wedding you’ve been a part of and what made it so special?

My own! The exchange of rings commemorates the exchange of vows, symbolizes a promise, and is part of creating a lasting memory. Being a jewelry designer, I felt some pressure on deciding how my own ring should be. My husband’s band was made and he knew just what he wanted – a heavy, wide, slightly domed platinum band with a rough natural finish. (And yes, I made him come into the studio and hammer!)

Mine, I was not so clear – did I want gems? a pattern? something antique? I put it aside to think. And got busy – busy with life, busy with work, then busy preparing for the wedding. At last, the night before our wedding day arrived and we had planned to celebrate by slipping away from arriving guests and family with a quiet hotel room and a glass of champagne. Where is your ring? my husband asked. Oh no! I forgot! How could I?

 So it was a rush to the studio, and I had no time to think – to plan. I had to just let it all go and trust in my hands and my intuition. I turned the volume up on the music and lit the torch and began – two hours to turn a lump of yellow gold into my lifetime band. I can always change it later I thought as a consolation. But I never did. It came out beautiful, just the way it was meant to be.hand-carved-wedding-bands

Your best advice to a couple in the midst of wedding planning is:

Enjoy! Remember that it should be delicious…that it is not just about promising to love another person, it is also about being open and allowing someone to love you.


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