Filigree | Sat + Sun | Aug 20 + 21 | 12 – 5 pm | $400   Intermediate level     Register now!

Filigree – from the Latin “filum” meaning thread and “granum” meaning seed.

Filigree is the art of curling, twisting and plaiting fine threads of precious metals into intricate designs joined by soldering into a delicate tracery.

Beautiful patterns can be designed in a lacy, openwork pattern, or can be set into a metal framework, or soldered to a metal base.

Filigree has a rich history, having originated in the ancient world and spread by trade and travelers throughout many cultures, each developing their own style and motifs.

Filigree is a beautiful and ancient, there are no machines to duplicate it. This is also a great way to learn about heat control with the torch!

Materials are supplied.

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3 thoughts on “Filigree

  1. Polina Siterman

    My friend and I would love to take a class or the workshop on filigree and granulation. We can be available for it any time between September and December this year. November would be the best month for us :)) please let me know when you will be planning on it.
    I am familiar with your studio and the gallery, a few years ago i took a few different classes with you and would be happy to come back.

    1. LILOVEVE Studio & Gallery Post author

      Hi Polina, so lovely to hear from you! We would be delighted to see you again in the studio –
      We do have a filigree workshop coming up Aug 20 + 21 (the weekend) Both Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 5 pm.
      The class fee is $400, and it includes materials – filigree wires, frame wires, solders, templates, etc

      1. Polina Siterman

        Hello Caroline,
        I am happy to hear from you too :))
        Sorry, I just realized I have your reply message, I do not open the website often.. The weekends in August are a very busy time for me, but I I am going to look into my family summer plans and will try to fit this workshop into it. I also forwarded your message to my friend.
        All best

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