Job Opportunity: Production Assistant

t.kahres jewelry is hiring a jewelry production assistant for our small jewelry
company. The studio is in downtown Brooklyn area (close to Barclay”s which means
many subways to get here). You will be spending most of your time there so living in
Brooklyn is ideal.

Assistant duties:

-This position will require picking up and delivering to 47th street, jewelry assembly, production, soldering, packing orders and cleaning up castings.

-You will also be helping with setting up events and trade shows from time to time.

-You must have knowledge of Photoshop and reasonably strong computer skills.

Job Details:

-minimum 2 days work per week, about 5-6 hours per day.

Our studio is a chill and mellow environment but looking for an eager, energetic, stylish person who wants to be part of our growing company!!!

Please send a resume (consisting of schools attending/attended and what jobs you’ve had or have now, understanding that if you are a student so you may not have a job right now) and a bio about yourself telling me past or current projects you are working on and so on and so forth. This will give me a clear idea if we will work out together it’s a very small environment and a small studio.

Send your information to with any photos of projects, and jewelry you have made (they don’t have to be professional). I will try to contact you even if the position has been filled. Thank you in advance for taking the time to send me all your info. Looking forward to meeting some of you (I cannot meet all of you) in person. Interviews will be held at the studio in Brooklyn.

I have attached my website so that you can see the jewelry. If the jewelry line doesn’t interest you then please don’t send your information.

Thanks again,

Teresa Kahres

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