Tips for Holiday Market Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and perhaps be selling your handmade wares at local Holiday Markets. Here are a few tips help you through the season!emilie shapiro gift show


  • Always setup your display before you get to the market. It’s really important to have a plan of what you’re going to do – especially if you need something last minute or end up running late.
  • I recommend a table that’s eye level so people don’t have to bend down. Try working with different levels. You can raise neck forms using risers on the back of your table.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative and use non-traditional items in your display. Your setup should evoke the feeling of your jewelry, but not overpower it. You don’t want your display to look nicer than your work.
  • Make sure all of your work has a price tag.
  • Here’s what’s in my emergency market kit: extra price tags, calculator, pens, band aids, breath mints, round nose / chain nose pliers, zip ties (they’re handy for everything), ring sizer, mini stapler
  • Don’t forget a mirror!

Show Survival

  • Bring atleast $20 in singles worth of change
  • Bring snacks! You might not be able to sneak out for lunch, so make sure to pack lots of snacks and water.
  • Don’t forget business cards / postcards. There are lots of imexpensive options if you don’t have them printed. You can print them out yourself with the template cards from an office supply store. You can also stamp your own paper.
  • Put out a mailing list – it’s a great way to collect names for future shows and announcements.
  • Have fun!




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