Multiples: Mold Making

Have you ever wanted to make several versions of a jewelry piece? Perhaps to give as gifts or to start your own collection? Or maybe you’ve discovered an interesting natural object- a shell or a piece of tree bark and wanted to turn it into a unique piece of jewelry. These types of practices are achieved by mold making- the technique of using a model to creative a negative space with in a form. That negative space is filled with a molten wax which is then cast into metal, creating an exact replica of the model.



Mold making is what drives the production aspect of jewelry world. It creates an easy way to make multiple versions of your pieces and even opens up new ways to create jewelry. A common way to use molds for jewelry making is to cast natural objects into metal. Bones, shells, wood, teeth, even sea creatures can be used as models- there is literally a whole world of things that can be molded and made into jewelry pieces.

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Are you interesting in learning more about creating multiples and mold making? Check out our Mold Making Workshop on August 10th and 11th. We’ll be learning about different types of molds and casting multiples of our student’s choosing. Come experiment with us and discover the various possibilities that mold making has to offer!

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