Wax Carved Jewelry Workshop


This class is not currently available, please check out our Intro to Wax Carving class instead!

In this special two weekend workshop you’ll learn the essentials of creating a lost wax casting of a ring, pendant or small object of your own design!  Try something really intricate and dainty or create a statement piece. Students have the opportunity to learn tips and tricks for creating interesting textures and shapes that is difficult to achieve through traditional metalsmithing. Students will also learn about what happens to their casting once we drop it off at a casting house, i.e. how they turn a wax carving into a metal casting, leaving with comprehensive understanding of this versatile technique.

The first Sunday will be an exploration of materials where students will carve their first piece implementing subtractive and some additive techniques such as forming granules. In the second class, students will receive the casting back and learn how to sand and apply a matte or polished finish to their piece.

This class is open to both beginner and intermediate students.

Taught by instructor Kate Bowles

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