Gold Workshop


New dates coming early 2018- Check out our 6-week Goldsmithing class instead!

Gold has captivated artisans – and wearers! – from its first discovery dating back to 5,600BC.  It is an extremely soft metal – so ductile that an ounce can be stretched for miles into thread fine enough for embroidery and malleable enough to  be hammered into a transparent sheet!

Create stunning earrings or a ring in this fun weekend workshop.  You can choose to add a gem to your work as well. We will be working in Yellow 14 karat Gold – handcrafting the rings,  earring wires and the bezels in this two day weekend workshop.


Choice of gemstone is optional for this workshop; we recommend using harder semi-precious stones such as garnet, topaz, citrine, sapphire.   Please reach out with any questions.

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Level: Intermediate