Private Lessons

For those who want one-on-one instruction, need guidance with a specific project or desired skill, or perhaps our schedules don’t match your own- we offer private lessons.

We offer lessons in basic and intermediate levels of metalsmithing, goldsmithing, wax carving, various forms of stone setting and other jewelry skill sets.  Whatever you’re looking for we probably have an instructor to pair you with.

Each lesson is customized for the individual student, and are generally 3-4 hours long.  The basic rate for a session is $180 for a 3 hour session, although gold work, and more advanced techniques and projects may be priced at a higher rate, and require more time.  Additional time may be added on an hourly basis. A deposit of 50% is required to secure appointments, and we ask for at least a 24 hour notice for any cancellation.

To schedule a lesson please email us, or call us at 718.388.2190

Looking forward to having you in the studio!