The Skillful Jeweler


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Skillful Jeweler is a series of workshops where we explore techniques sitting at the jewelers bench. We look at practical and effective ways to work with our tools and materials to improve our work, trouble shoot problems that arise at the bench with individual designs, and discover tips and tricks to get the desired results that help make our work unique.

The class is a forum style, offering highly individualized attention to personal projects while honing our bench skills.  Each session will have a different focus. Students should bring their work in progress or finished pieces that they have questions about to the workshop for discussion.

This series is especially designed for students who have already taken foundation classes and are working on their own designs at the bench. Each class will focus on a different, specific area of technique which we will demo and practice in class, additional bench time is provided for people to apply these ideas to their own work.

class is 3 hours, plus additional 3 hours bench time which can be used during any bench time session.

Finishing  / Polishing  – Saturday March 26th | 4-7pm

Sandpapers, emery sticks, bristle brush, mizzy wheel, silicons, radial bristles, brass brush, steel wool,  chamois, muslin buff –

Mirror finish, satin brushed, patinated, gold- plated, depletion gilded, hammer textured, tumbled…

How do you finish your work?

Creating the finish on your jewelry pieces sets  it apart, much of the transformation from raw looking to completed happens in the final stages.

Join us as we explore how to get into the little spaces, choose which polishing wheels and compounds to use, when to use a tumbler, try out a variety of finishing burs and tips, and create a variety of different textures and finishes to complete your pieces.

Students should bring designs that they are currently working on, any questions about finishing, and anything they want to polish.