Caroline Glemann

Caroline has developed much of her knowledge of jewelry design and the jewelry industry through first-hand experience – from venturing to Colorado to learn Native American beading techniques, seven consecutive years attending the Tucson, Arizona Gem Show working for international gemstone and metals dealers, to designing findings for a company doing production in Bali, apprenticeship to a chief goldsmith for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and finally focus under her own name in Brooklyn NY where she was born. Caroline was a founding partner and co -owner of Studio174 for seven years, before expanding to develop her own Gallery space and Jewelry line under the name Liloveve. Caroline is also a guest instructor for the Newark Museum Arts Workshop Program, offering classes in special techniques such as filigree, gold alloying & direct metal  fabrication. encrusted ring

Emilie Shapiro

Emilie received her B.F.A. in Art + Design with a concentration in jewelry and metalsmithing from Syracuse University. She also studied at Alchimia, a contemporary school of jewelry in Florence, Italy with artists Peter Bauhuis, Yoko Shimizu, and Marzia Rossi. Before launching her own jewelry line, We Are Here – Emilie worked as the Production Manager at Pamela Love and Allforthemountain. Emilie plays with negative space in her work and incorporates them as part of the design. Her inspirations are drawn from the textures of nature and the energy of elements coming together.

www.emilieshapiro.comemilie eternal flower ring

Brice Garrett

Brice was raised in Southern California where he began making jewelry. Since, he has resided in Sweden, Massachusetts and currently working and living in New York. Parallel with more conceptual and sculptural jewelry, Brice’s studio jewelry practice plays with the merge of one-of-a-kind pieces with a production perspective.

www.BriceGarrett.comBrice - steel fab

Jill Hurant

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jill Hurant’s creativity began by watching her mother, a talented artist in her own right. Jill left Ohio in the early 70’s to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Even with all the techniques Jill has learned she still loves granulation and the richness of the 22k gold. She has tried to take this ancient technique and give it a more modern edge. With its classical beauty, Jill’s jewelry has a timeless elegance.

Hurant - 5 link bracelet


Davina Romansky

Davina studied metal techniques in Italy, received a BFA in metalsmithing/jewelry from Rochester Institute of Technology and diamond and colored stones graduate gemology diplomas from the Gemological Institute of America. Her pieces have been featured in over 22 publications, several exhibitions and won numerous awards – including the Saul Bell Design Award, NICHE Award, Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award and MJSA Future of the Industry Award. Davina’s work exploits natural tension and conceptual depth in organic forms that embody fluidity. Through technical proficiency, each ornamental abstract design takes on its own artistic identity – exciting the imagination and capturing emotions.


Kate Bowles

A Chicago transplant, Kate Bowles moved to New York to attend college as an English/Sociology major at Fordham University in the Bronx. In 2014, Kate completed an eight month teaching apprenticeship/studio internship at Liloveve. She is currently the Client Relationship and Gallery Manager for Liloveve Jewelry.

From a young age, Kate has pursued a range of creative outlets, namely painting, drawing, writing and acting while dabbling in metal smithing and beadwork throughout. Kate strives to make pieces that reflect a sense of balance. She finds inspiration in the sleekness of cityscapes + city living, the rawness of natural gemstones + structures and the beauty of their combination.

KateBNicholas Papadakis

Nicholas fled Detroit to study photography, metalsmithing and painting at the Rhode Island School of Design before moving to New York City. His love of well-designed objects and antiquities drew him into the world of commercial photography where he has worked with a diverse clientele including major advertising agencies, fortune 500 corporations and boutique designers photographing jewelry, luxury goods, architecture and fine art collections.

Nicholas is often required to shoot under difficult & time-sensitive situations and has developed a no-nonsense approach to photography that takes advantage of any situation. He will demystify the photographic process and present multiple options for composing and lighting jewelry with basic and affordable equipment to achieve simple catalog photos as well as more elaborate prop-styled photos.

Nicholas’ wife, Jessica Fields, happens to be a practicing fine jewelry designer who provides an ongoing source of jewelry in need of photographing – so much, in fact, that he already has extensive experience coaching a novice jewelry photographer to the point of independence.


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