This class is currently unavailable, check out our Gold Workshop instead!

Gold has captivated artisans – and wearers! – from its first discovery dating back to 5,600BC.  It is an extremely soft metal – so ductile that an ounce can be stretched for miles into thread fine enough for embroidery and malleable enough to  be hammered into a transparent sheet! To be workable by the jeweler, gold must be alloyed with a harder metal, usually copper or pure silver… and that’s where we take over.  In class, we explore Goldsmithing from both traditional and modern perspectives.  You will learn how to upcycle old and broken jewelry into something new, how to alloy pure gold in the jewelry studio to raise and lower the karat (or purity) and how to create colored alloys such as rose and green gold.  You will also have the opportunity to incorporate gold into work with other metals including silver, copper, and even steel, to create unique mixed-media works of art. By the end of this six week course, you will have gained insight into the many nuances of working with gold and will have completed a beautiful, hand-forged piece of gold jewelry.

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with instructor Caroline Glemann

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