Jewelry Design & Development

New class dates TBD, private lessons available!

In this three part class, we will work one on one and as a group to learn ways to take your jewelry from a few pieces to a fully realized line, ready for launch. This class is a great foundation for the budding jeweler or a chance for someone who is already selling to hone in, refine, and support what makes their line unique and to begin telling a strong and cohesive story to their customers, wholesalers, retailers, and the press.

Students will learn different avenues and resources for gathering and presenting inspiration, planning and designing their line. Topics covered will include research, expanding and supporting big ideas, finding and defining your voice as a designer, and refining your work so that your entire collection feels strong, supported + cohesive. We will also touch on different considerations like collection size, seasons, and how to plan and budget the making of your line.

No experience necessary although this class will be most helpful for jewelers who are already have an idea for a line or are already creating pieces. This is a great foundation for the budding jeweler as well as the jeweler who is already selling but wants to take their line to the next level. It is also a great class to take to build an attractive portfolio for design jobs within the fashion industry. Access to a computer/printer will be helpful for take home assignments (approximately 2-3 hours per week) and students will need to provide their own sketch tools and something to take notes with. Students will also need to choose how to present their ideas and the class will touch on digital vs. physical presentations and provide options and examples of both.