Intro to Silver

Thursdays  | Sept 19 – Oct 24  | 6 – 9 pm | $450  + tool list to purchase  Register Now! 

Tuesdays | Oct 29 – Dec 3 | 6 – 9 pm | $450 + tool list to purchase   Register Now! 

This class is a fun, fast-paced introduction to creating handmade jewelry. Students are familiarized with basic studio tools and fabrication techniques for working in sterling silver. Soldering, sawing and filing shapes, forming and joining, ring sizing, polishing and basic stone setting will be practiced in class. Students are encouraged to explore creativity within design parameters while learning the fundamentals of technique to allow for construction of new jewelry ideas. We introduce a bevy of trade references and supplier resources to provide the new student with a full introduction to the jewelry industry. Small class sizes are perfect for both absolute beginners or those looking to refresh their skills.

We recommend this course, and our Wax Carving course as Foundation Classes for learning jewelry making.

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