Bespoke Ring Making

Join us for a unique experience that you can share with your loved one.  Create a set of handmade rings for yourself or for each other.

We offer a private class specifically geared to those who would like to make their own personal designed bands. The private class is for one or two people, and can be in one or two sessions. General time frame to complete rings is between 4 – 6 hours total but there is some flexibility – as needed. We set up one or split into two sessions, depending on the designs and schedules.

The class offers complete instruction – we assist with the design process, fabrication process, choice of metals, different polishes such as a brushed finish, or hammered finish or high polish, and potential for having stones set in the ring (additional) if desired.

Styles can range from organic/ distressed metal look to sleek high polished finish. Rings are made using a variety of techniques including direct fabrication in metals (soldering, forming, hammering, polishing, et al) and / or wax carving / casting process – depending on what is most suitable for the design chosen. Materials fees depend on your choice of metals along with the weight and style of your design.

We would begin with discussion of some design parameters prior to the class, so the lesson will be tailored for you, and working with your choice of materials.

All tools are included.  Class fee is:

$750 for one ring / person and $900 for two (two people 1 ring each) PLUS raw materials fee tbd by weight and daily price (silver, gold, platinum etc) estimates on raw materials can be done ahead of time, based on design chosen.

To register: Contact us