#Benchtip Tuesday! Oxidizing with Eggs!


When creating dimension in jewelry, designers often like to blacken (or oxidize) areas of the finished piece- most often the background.  To achieve this, you need to introduce sulfur to the surface of the sterling silver.  This also works on copper and bronze, but not fine silver (most jewelers work in sterling, and most commercial jewelry is sterling as well).

There’s a few chemicals on the market for blackening your sterling silver, like Jax or Liver of Sulfur, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy eco-friendly alternative just look in your fridge!


First step is to hard boil an egg, or two if you’re doing a lot of silver

Next up – separate the yolks and put them in a sealable bowl with lid, then get your protein on and eat the whites!


Mush the yolk up a little, and either put some wire mesh or a piece of paper towel to keep the yolk from touching your jewelry.

Seal up the bowl and leave it overnight at room temp, the next day you should have a fairly dark sheen to your jewelry.  If it’s not quite as dark as you’d like it you can leave it for another day or two.  Give it a nice rinse with some soapy water and then from here you can leave it all dark or use a polishing cloth to take off a little of the oxidation from the raised areas.



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