Jetsons Jewels


At some point in the 70’s, the above watch signified THE FUTURE to the average Jetsons viewer…   It’s cool, and a little freaky, but no matter how you look at it – it’s only the beginning. detailed a list of the newest tech jewelry on the market as of last December – Liloveve favorites are as follows:

The Orb Mobile Communications Ring : definitely the coolest option, though developer Hybra Advance Technology has set no date for its launch. This high-tech little number “is a Bluetooth device… which displays text messages, works like a caller ID and gives you reminders as long as it is a ring. As soon as you get a call, you can take it out from your finger, twist it, and place it on your ear and use it as an earphone.” Very cool, and a lot better looking than the current iteration of the blue tooth earpiece – we aren’t sportscasters & don’t want to look like them! We’ll be waiting, Hybra.

orb ring


The Vibe emotion sensor necklace by Philips Design also sparks our interest – how great would it be to know how your friend is feeling upon sitting down for coffee with her? or to know your coworkers stress level when coming into work for the day? Though the design is currently only in use for research – testing how video games effect the player, for examples – the conductive ink and textile sensor technology are notable and really sparks our curiosity of what’s to come in the future. philips vibe

Pretty inspirational, right?


(jetsons watch image from, orb ring image from, vibe necklace image and research from

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