#BenchtipTuesday The Wonderful Old-World Look of Patinas!

Beautiful Patina Leaves

Beautiful Patina Leaves

Patina and Metal,  A Love story that only gets better over time.

What is Patina might you ask?  You’ve definitely seen it before but may not have realized it.  The Statue of Liberty is the biggest (literally) example I can think of! That beautiful green covering the surface of the metal – Patina.  By definition it is a thin layer that forms on the surface of metals and creates a change on the surface through chemical reactions, age and exposure.  It can also serves as a protective covering to materials that would otherwise be damaged by corrosion or weathering.  My favorite function of patina is however, its aesthetic appeal!

Patina Pennies

Check out the many varying patinas that can be created on old pennies. You’ll need to use pennies before 1982 however, as they were almost pure copper. There are many different types of patina and many ways to go about creating them in your work.  There are some great tutorials on how to diy patina with household items like potato chips!

Check out our friends at www.jewelrymakingjournal.com  for creating patinas using Potato Chips or their tutorial using Salt and Vinegar here.

Other cool tricks of the trade to make your jewelry look worn and lived is is using Liver of Sulfur.  It blackens most metals- however be prepared for the smell!

Bleach will turn your silver purple.   Always dilute the mixture, and make sure your metal is super clean!

You can also purchase a number of different patina solutions, that will give your work a more predictable outcome.  We love these from Vista Patinas:

vista patinas  Check out http://www.sculptnouveau.com

When you work with patinas your jewelry or art will always be one of a kind!


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