Cool Exhibit Alert! Treasures and Talismans Rings from the Griffin Collection

When:  May 1st – October 18th

Where: The Cloisters Museum and Gardens

The collection of rings featured in this exhibition come from the Griffin Collection, named after the mythical creature that is part lion and part eagle. In medieval lore, the griffin was often a guardian of treasure and was known to seek out gold in rocks. While the collection includes finger rings from across the ages, our selection focuses specifically on objects made in the ancient, medieval, and Renaissance periods. These were especially innovative moments in the development of finger rings, and the wide variety of designs on view testifies to the creative energy of premodern goldsmiths. Related works from the Metropolitan’s collection highlight the connections between rings and other works of art, such as painting, metalwork, and manuscript illumination.  This exhibit would be a great source of inspiration- there are many styles and ideas with can take from this ancient jewelry, and interpret it with our modern perspective.

“A compact but beguiling exhibition”—Wall Street Journal

For advanced tickets click here

Griffon Rings

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