The Star of India, The World’s Largest Star Sapphire!

The worlds largest gem quality blue star sapphire, The Star of India, weighs in at a staggering 563 carats! Originally mined in Sri Lanka, it is believed to be around some 2 billion years old. It is almost flawless and unusual in the fact it has the star effect of both sides of the stone. It now has the safe home of the American Museum of Natural History, but it has had some what of a troubled past. Not much is known about it’s life in the time shortly after it was mined, but around 1900 it was procured by mineralogist and gem expert George Kunst from the Paris Exposition for the collection of wealthy financier J.P.Morgan.  Morgan donated The Star, along with the rest of his collection to the museum, where it was fine until a burglary in 1964 where it was stolen and missing for a year. Finally one of the robbers was apprehended and confessed to hiding the uninsured stone in a bus locker in Miami where it was shortly recovered thereafter. It was then restored to the museum- with much better security- where it can be seen today in all it’s beauty.


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