The Unique Beauty of the Black Diamond

DeBeers ran the campaign ‘A Diamond is Forever’ in 1938, creating the still very present vogue for a diamond engagement ring. Previously it was traditional to have a ruby, sapphire or really any other precious gem of color as the engagement piece. Since then the market has become immensely saturated with hard, clear cut, white diamonds.

Recently however, people have been interested in something more unique and non-traditional. A perfect example of this is the Black Diamond. A natural black diamond is very rare- it is one filled with dark illusions, mainly graphite. To create a black diamond from a normal one, the stone is treated with heat to create the stunningly rich dark green and black color.

While maintaining the sentimentality of a diamond, this uncommon use of colored gem for a ring makes a beautiful statement.  It marries tradition with non-convention in a striking balance.

Black Diamond Halo rose gold 2

Black Diamond Rings made at Liloveve StudioBlack Diamond Caroline

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