Native Inspiration

nativeamericanchain with sketches


navajo necklace+pendant navajo needlepoint necklace zuni chain+pendant

In pulling together inspiration for our upcoming Chain Making Workshop next weekend, I came across the site for Morning Glory Antiques  chock full with pieces of awe-inspiring craftsmanship that have us dreaming of the southwest and of putting in some bench time!

The bulk of the pieces you see here are from Zuni and Navajo tribes and use only silver and turquoise, sometimes coral  (with the exception of that insanely cool Kachina doll pendant which features tortoise inlaid with turquoise, mother-of-pearl, and coral) – the design and technique make the relatively simple materials just SO striking.

Chains were made by hand out necessity of course but – even though now we could just go buy one – this variety are just so much more unique, tied more closely into the overall design and that much more beautiful for the irregularities that come from being forged by hand. It’s less about what you make than how you make it, and we LOVE how these were made!

Look here for more info on our Chain Making Workshop April 18th + 19th!

(jewelry images courtesy of

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