All Choked Up?!


versace chokers 2015

The return of chokers – how are you feeling about it? We’re A-okay with leaving Brenda Walsh’s style in the past but the new breed of these babies is so much more sophisticated and really, downright striking.  Dare I say, I love them? There’s really something for everyone – Versace brings out the big guns (see above) for our more fearless style sisters while those of independent designer, The Things We Keep (below left) appeal to a more nuanced – but still nostalgic – lady.

Looking to DIY a choker of your own? Our next one-day intensive on April 11th focuses on Bangle Bracelets, not chokers,  BUT! you’ll learn the basic jewelry skills – cutting, soldering, and finishing – to make your way into choker territory. You’ll create a set of bangles from mixed metals while exploring variations in thickness and texture for an endless range of gorgeous results.   Join us!



(images L to R from, and tumblr)

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