vintagelocketALEX MCQ HINGE BRCLTHingeEarring-Castor&Pollux

We clearly love jewelry and can endlessly sing the praises of its beauty but how awesome is it when it ALSO moves?! The fun factor goes way up, as does the sentimental feeling of personalizing a locket by tucking whatever photo or tricket you wish inside.  It’s maaaybe the best bonus feature a necklace could offer.

Inspired by these examples, we’re offering a One-Day Hinge Design Intensive later this month – March 28, 11am-5:30pm.  You will explore the mechanics of a functional moving hinge & learn to fabricate one yourself using flat shapes to create a metal book or pendant.  The sky’s the limit from there – lockets, and cuffs, and earrings, oh my!  This course is a great introduction to creating movement and functionality in your jewelry and a great platform for creative design work.

All materials included / $179 / register here!

vintagelocket2SRETSIS BRCLTmodernlocket

(L to R: images courtesy of etsy.com, Alexander McQueen, http://castorandpolluxstore.myshopify.com/, kabiri.co.uk, denhams.com)


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