Awesome Exhibit Alert x 2!

  cooper hewitt

New Yorkers, and visitors – you’re in luck! If you haven’t already checked out Cooper Hewitt’s current exhibition Tools: Extending our Reach, do yourself the favor before it ends on May 25! The exhibit spans “1.85 million years of tool use and design, to explore how tools extend the human body—augmenting our ordinary grasp and power, extending the limits of our senses, sometimes even serving as substitutes (in the case of prostheses)—while considering how some tools break into our lives as radical innovations, whereas many others have remained almost unchanged in form and function for centuries.” As artists and craftspeople who utilize tools in the studio (and beyond!) nearly every moment – this exploration is really fascinating & truly brings the scope of our achievements in functional design into focus. Go humans! (for once…)

One of the objects on display is a pair of  Eskimo snow goggles carved from fossil ivory – just, whoa!

AND, while you’re there – definitely check out awesome exhibit #2 – the Immersion Room which allows you to design wallpaper using a digital pen & experience your work surround you instantly, or select from the many designs in the CH collection to experience the room as imagined by artists dating back to WWII. Definitely a must-experience!


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