How well do you know your birthstone? The February Edition



February babies have the good fortune of being assigned a birthstone that protects its wearer from drunkeness. Amethyst – literally Greek for “not intoxicated” – was the “sobriety stone” of the ancients who even carved wine goblets from it to ward off their ye olde hangovers.  Lesson of the day – don’t forget your jewels when you head out to celebrate your special day!

February fun fact #2! The world’s largest amethyst geode, the Empress of Uruguay  – pictured above, in all her regal, purple-y glory –  stands 11ft tall & weighs in at just over 2.5 tons.  Her highness was transported from Uruguay to her current residence in Crystal Caves Gallery of Cairns, Australia in 2007 by owner & geode-enthusiast René Boissevain.  The Empress is often thought to be an imposter but is in fact comprised of tens of thousands of AA jewelry quality crystals.  Visitors to the Crystal Caves often spend long periods just sitting with her, entranced by her otherworldly beauty.

(Geode Guy image courtesy of / historical info from

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