History of Bezel Settings

The bezel setting is the earliest method for setting gemstones into jewelry – and hasn’t changed much over the last few thousands years. To create a bezel, you take a piece of metal and fabricate it to the size and shape of the outside of the stone. You then place the stone inside the bezel and push the metal over the top the stone.

Bezels are a simple, clean and secure approach to setting gemstones. They keep your gem safe and clean from dirt and don’t catch clothing.

As an alternative to fabricating your own bezels out of metal for very small gemstones, you can use pre-made tubes. You can take thick wall tubing and cut the appropriate height, drill a seat and push the metal over the stone for a perfect setting. This works great for 1mm – 5mm round stones that would usually be very difficult to fabricate your own bezel.

Join us for our tube setting workshop on April 16 + 27 to learn to create your own small bezels out of tubing and set stones.OliviaNatalie K.Natalia SMichelle ChongDonna D.


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