Gold: Not Just For Jewelry

Gold plays a HUGE part in the jewelry industry (about 78% of gold consumed each year is made into jewelry), but I had no idea it was used in so many other industries as well. Take a look at the list below for a little Saturday afternoon enlightenment.

  • Architecture: gold can be pounded and rolled into super thin sheets, gold leaf, and used on both the outside and inside of buildings for that extra little decorative touch.
Sripuram Temple in India

Sripuram Temple in India may have gone a bit overboard…

  • Electronics: manufacturers use gold extensively because of its high conductivity. Gold conducts electricty better than any other metal besides silver and copper, but doesn’t corrode as easily. You can find gold in your cell phone and computer.

Credit: World Gold Council


  • Health care: Gold is a bio-compatible metal – meaning our bodies don’t reject it. Dentists have been using gold in their practice for thousands of years. They utilize gold  for crowns and fillings mostly. Pharmacists use it as well for certain medicines, such as sodium aurichloride for rheumatoid arthritis. You can also find gold in pacemakers and inner ear implants. The first documented cases of doctors using gold to heal trace back to China in the year 2500 BC. Doctors used gold to treat skin ulcers and smallpox.
Pretty stylish too. (credit:

Pretty stylish too.

  • Food and beverage: Small amounts of gold sometimes brighten foods such as jelly or liqueurs, like Goldschläger.
I'm just not sure about ingesting gold flakes even IF it's bio-compatible.

I’m just not sure about ingesting gold flakes even IF it’s bio-compatible.

  • Environment:  Gold can play a part in reducing pollution. Scientists have recently discovered that gold particles energized by the sun can destroy volatile organic chemicals.

Unfortunately the process of mining and refining gold creates a lot of pollution so we may be breaking even on this one.

  • NASA: scientists use gold to line the visor of an astronaut’s helmet to help reflect harmful rays away from their eyes.
Bling in the spacesuit

Bling in the spacesuit

Gold – so many uses, so little time. Because gold jewelry is awesome, we offer a 6 week gold alloying and recycling class at Liloveve starting Wednesday, May 21st. You can get your gold fix there.

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