The Whole Bead Show

Twice a year, in spring and fall, the Whole Bead Show hosts a bead convention in NY. This year the organizers are wasting no time and hosting the convention this first weekend of spring! The show will be open today until 6 and Sunday from 11am to 5pm, and it’s located in the Metropolitan Pavilion – 125 West 18th Street between 6th & 7th Ave. The show is open to wholesalers as well as the general public so I suggest you go while you still can!


These banners are flown in front of the entrance – you can’t miss it.

Admission is $10 and it’s valid for all days of the show. This coupon will get you a dollar off admission for one and two dollars off admission for two. If you have a resale license, bring it! They have different wrist bands for wholesale and retail buyers.

Yesterday I spent about two hours in the lofty convention space. Booths lined every wall and created mazes down the center of the room. While there were a lot of vendors there and I did feel a little overwhelmed, I never felt claustrophobic. I think I have the high ceilings to thank for that.

It was hard not to buy something from every booth since each vendor offered different items from the other. There were booths with just findings, booths with different types of sterling silver chain, booths with gemstone beads 75% off, booths with glass beads… I could go on and on. Check out the pictures below for a peek at some of my favorite vendors.

Singaraja Imports – Vineyard Haven, MA. Singaraja offers traditional Balinese, Turkish, Thai and original designed pieces available in sterling silver and vermeil.





Stone USA Inc. – New York, NY. Stone USA Inc carries all sorts of cut and raw semi-precious gemstone beads, electroplated druzy crystals, etc.



Beautiful Leaves and Things – Lakewood, CA. These guys handpick leaves, pine-cones, etc., and plate them in 24 kt gold and sterling silver. It’s a bit of a process but the end product is pretty cool.




This is only a small selection of the many vendors at the Whole Bead Show. Go check it out for yourself while you still have time!

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