It’s Raining Diamonds!

Big news from our solar system. While their findings have yet to be peer reviewed, scientists have theorized that certain atmospheric conditions on Saturn and Jupiter allow for the creation of diamonds in the planets’ atmospheres.

Basically, lightning storms turn methane contained in the atmosphere on Saturn for example into soot (carbon), which when pressurized and heated, condense into diamonds. All of this happens while the soot falls through the atmosphere. Essentially, it rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter.

Dr. Kevin Baines, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory asserts that the diamonds could be as large as a centimeter in diameter – big enough for a Kardashian engagement ring.

Exactly how many diamonds are we talking? Dr. Baines believes that 1,000 Tonnes of diamonds are formed  on Saturn. Imagine the possibilities. Diamond baths, diamond igloos, diamond rings for every finger. Now if only NASA would hurry up and figure out how to transport these back to earth – they’d make a killing.


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