Frozen in Time

I’ve always been a collecter. I love to collect things on my walks like stones and flowers that intrigue me. I have endless amounts of journals filled with observations, sketches and pressed flowers from travels and hikes.

Last week I was at a craft trade show in Philadelphia and was taken back by the beautiful work of American artist Shari Dixon. Shari resin sets a variety of botanicals, barks, leaves & herbs and mixed media and encases them in hand crafted bezels. Shari_Dixon04

They really showcase the flowers and fauna and celebrate each detail. shari dixon 3shari dixon 1

Check out our upcoming resin workshop to learn this technique and create your own designs. You can set resin in bezels over photographs, natural objects, spices, pigment – the possibilities are endless. Resin can encase something to celebrate it or be made to look like a gemstone. You can also cast resin in mold for a 3-dimensional shape. Join us on Feb 22 + Feb 23 for this workshop. shari dixon 5

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