A trip back in time at the Brooklyn Museum

This past Sunday I decided to go check out the Brooklyn Museum. I’ve lived in and around this city my whole life and have never been there! The building itself was absolutely beautiful. They had a wide range of mixed media from different time periods to present. My favorite pieces that I saw were gold weights from the late 19th century from the Ashanti region in Ghana created from brass.

This passage was displayed next to the gold weights:

Gold was extremely important in the economic and political life of the Akan kingdoms of southern Ghana and Cote d’lvoire. Until the mid-nineteenth century, gold dust was the primary form of currency in the region. In order to measure precise amounts of gold, an elaborate system of weight, usually made of cast brass, was developed by the seventeenth century. Gold weights took many forms: simple geometric shapes, animals, such as leopards or birds, objects, such as chairs or swords; and human figures. The figures, animals, and objects are often associated with proverbs. The sankofa bird, with head turned backward, represents the proveb “One must turn to the past to move forward.”

photo 1 (1)


photo 2 (2)


photo 3


photo 4


I highly recommend a trip to the Brooklyn Museum to see their 5 floors of beautiful work!

Emilie Shapiro is the Program Director at Liloveve and teaches the Wax Carving I & Wax Carving II classes.


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