Happy Jewish New Year! Reflecting on the last year….

Sundown tonight begins the start of Rosh Hashanah – or the Jewish New Year. Whether you celebrate it or not, I’ve always thought it to be a great time to reflect on this past year and think about the one to come.

Today in NYC was the classic end of Summer day. Wedgwood blue skies and (finally) a cool breeze in the air. Soon the leaves will start to turn lemon, honey, and crimson. I’ll clean my studio from top to bottom as I do every Fall and  Spring. I put my silver scraps aside for in-house recycling, and send my dust and smaller scraps off to be refined. I always find unfinished projects hidden in the corner and vow to finish them!

I also like to reflect on this past year – what would I have done differently? What worked really well? Did I work too much, or not hard enough?  What can I change in the year to come?

What are your goals this year? Take more walks, go to yoga once a week (that’s on my list!), perhaps begin to sell your jewelry line, or find the time to do something creative for yourself.williamsburg_bridge_skyline_sunset

Sunset over the Williamsburg Bridge, NY

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