Favorite Summer Spots: Carolyn

We’ve been asking everyone around the studio their top ways to beat the heat this Summer! One of our instructors & Studio Manager, Carolyn A’Hearn fills us on on her favorite spots:-

What city escape are you most excited about this Summer?

I’ve been hosting a lot of visitors this summer which has been fun – exploring and re-exploring and seeing everything again with new eyes in tow is a nice reminder of how exciting and intense and dense and rich NYC is…I went to see James Turrell’s Guggenheim exhibit with my parents and it was sort of mind blowing!

What’s your favorite NYC spot to cool down with a drink?

Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee is reserved for days when it’s too hot to think! Also, my friends just opened an amazing bar called Doris and it has a such a lovely, chill vibe, the best people, and crazy good lighting. Seriously, the bathroom mirror will make you look like a supermodel. Everyone should experience it!

Favorite Summer Recipes to Cook?

Anything with avocados and lots of fruit; against all logic I’ve roasted a couple chickens in my apartment this summer – both times were extremely hot but totally satisfying affairs.


Carolyn teaches the Filigree Workshop, Intro to Silversmithing Class, and some of the One-day Intensives. 



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