Favorite NYC Summer Spots: Emilie!

We’ve been asking everyone around the studio their top ways to beat the heat this Summer! One of our instructors & Program Director, Emilie Shapiro fills us on on her favorite spots:
What escape are you most excited about this Summer?
My family has a place in Montauk, so I try to get out there as much as I can! I grew up on Long Island close to the water so the ocean is my lifeline. If I don’t see and hear the water for too long I start to get anxious.
-What’s your favorite spot to grab a Summer cocktail? 
My studio in L.I.C. is right by the Z Hotel which has a really beautiful roof top which has a 360 view of the city. They also have morning yoga classes!
-Favorite Summer recipe to cook?
I’ve been into kale-garlic scape pesto. Serve it over quinoa with tomatoes and parmesan cheese, yum! Lots of greens from my CSA, and anything to not turn my oven on!!kale pesto
Emilie is one of our instructors and teach the wax carving I class, wax carving II class, mechanisms workshop, and tube setting workshop.

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