Travel the world through sketchbooks.

Where do ideas start? Every art project, whether it be jewelry, sculpture, painting or installation begins in the same way. An idea is generated, and it is translated through pen and paper, into a sketch, that is ultimately transformed into a tangible piece.

Sketches are rough and unkempt and often times can be just as interesting, if not more, than their finished pieces. Often times we overlook the value of sketches and sketchbooks and fail to appreciate them  for their raw organic qualities in the shadow of the completed works that they inspire.

The Brooklyn Art Library, home of “The Sketchbook Project” provides a solution to this problem. Housing over 26,000 sketchbooks from 135 countries, The Library functions as an archive of visual inspiration. Visitors are encouraged to sign up for a free library card which they can use to check out two sketchbooks at time. The books are categorized and barcoded so they can be searched for by artist name, location, and theme. Whether your interests are cultural artifacts in India, world maps, or epic storytelling, the Brooklyn Art Librarians can find a sketchbook to suit your every curiosity.

brooklynartlibraryphoto source: Brooklyn Art Library

In an era where everyone seems to be perusing the internet for their ideas, “The Sketchbook Project” provides a refreshing resource that is removed from the digital world we all can’t help but inhabit. These sketchbooks serve as tactile reminders of why we choose to be artists- the desire to create objects that move and inspire those around us.

Founded on the idea that “everyone should be able to participate in art”, The Sketchbook Project is open to all those who are interested in joining their creative collective. Anyone can sign up to receive an official Sketchbook project sketchbook and join the global art community.

DSC_0024_APphoto source: Embarrassment of Riches

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